NaturePlay at the Behringer-Crawford Museum

We LOVE a good playground. There are so many options in the Cincinnati area to get outside and play, but we especially love the ones that are unique. Kids are generally happy with a slide and a swing, but they also appreciate the spaces that are different and creative.

NaturePlay at the Behringer-Crawford Museum in Devou Park definitely has that unique factor!

natureplay at bcm

Located just below the museum, they literally seemed to carve the space out of the side of the hill and it’s a beautiful place to explore and play! Follow signs to the museum, park in the lot and follow the path through a whimsical wooden arch that leads down to the main area of the park. It’s heavily shaded, so even on a warm day it’s an ideal place to visit.

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NaturePlay is exactly what its name suggests – playing in nature. Traditional playground equipment – a slide and a swing – is given a new twist to make it even more fun. The tall slide follows the side of the hill and instead of a ladder, you climb up a rock formed stairwell to get back to the top.

Free and contained handicapped-accessible green space where children and their families can play, discover and engage in heritage and natural history. The area includes kid-sized log cabins and caves, a wooden replica of a flatboat, a cruise line swing, walkways imbedded with animal tracks and gardens planted with native plants and shrubs.

Devou Park is arguably the most beautiful park in the Cincinnati area and is worth a trip for the view of downtown alone. The Behringer-Crawford Museum is also a great place to visit with your young ones! But now, the park has added another incentive in a beautiful little nature park — perfect for active, curious kids!

NaturePlay BCM is open from dawn to dusk each day with free parking. Children must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.

1600 Montague Rd Covington, Kentucky 41011.


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