New fun awaits at the Science Interactives Gallery at CMC

Last week, the Cave and Public Landing reopened at Cincinnati Museum Center. While these events took the spotlight, the Science Interactives Gallery has expanded, as well! This STEM-powered area now has five more elements where kids can engage and interact with science. 

New fun awaits at the Science Interactives Gallery at CMC – here are the highlights:

A 13-foot tall vortex chamber invites guest to discover connections between tornadoes and the spiral of water they see as their bath water swirls down the drain.

Kids will stand in the center with a whirling cyclone of wind above their heads, and a swirling pool of water underfoot. This is such a fun way to demonstrate how tornadoes work!

There’s a tennis ball launcher, a cymatics table that makes sound waves visible and an aerodynamic test chamber where kids design and fly their own paper airplanes.

My kids could have spent hours designing their own airplanes. Different sizes and shapes of paper and colorful washi tape let kids personalize their flying machines.

An infrared camera lets you see yourself in a cool hot new way.

It was really amazing to see how my body’s temperature varied — especially with my daughter in the carrier!

Of course, these new experiences are in addition to the Science Interactive Gallery’s Cloud Ring, larger-than-life levers, fulcrums and pulleys, wind tunnels and other fun.

Science Interactives Gallery

The Science Interactives Gallery epitomizes what the CMC does best: making learning accessible, inviting and, most importantly, fun.

The Science Interactives Gallery is open daily during museum hours. It’s free for members and included with CMC admission.

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