New Pregnancy Support Program Gives Women a Community

Kettering Health Network is continuing to expand their women’s services offerings so that new and expectant mothers always have the support they need.


In partnership with March of Dimes, the women’s health team at Soin Medical Center is offering an alternative to pre-natal care.

In place of regular appointments, Supportive Pregnancy Care gives women the chance to attend a group appointment, in which a good portion of the appointment includes other pregnant women.

The typical aspects of a pre-natal appointment, such as measuring the baby and checking vitals, are still included privately with provider. However, there is also a large educational aspect that covers a range of topics.

“I think it’ll give us more time with our patients, which I think we both will like,” says Kristie Blake, one of the nurse midwives who facilitate these group discussions. “We can go more in-depth on topics and give patients an opportunity for social support.”

Education includes everything from labor and delivery to breastfeeding and caring for a newborn.

“We’ll have a conversation to work through as a group so that women can go through the learning process together,” Kristie says.

Appointments last anywhere from one to two hours and provide an opportunity for women to address their social and medical needs in one setting.

The goal of the program is to not only strengthen women’s confidence in their pregnancy and birth experience, but also have them come away with new friends.

The program is still gearing up, and the team is currently enrolling women who are due in or after May of 2021. The program will feature a rolling start, so that new moms will have the chance to participate with other women who have a similar due date.

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