New School in the Middle of the School Year

We are considering doing something that always made me a little crazy when I was a teacher, we might move our daughter to a new school, mid-year. We bought a house in another school district, but still have the option of sending her to her current school as long as we provide the transportation.

Before I ask for your opinion, let me give you a little more information.

First of all we are talking about moving her daughter in the middle of first grade. It’s not like we are wrecking her senior year of high school or anything like that. Second, we’re talking about first grade (Did I mention that?), there are no semester exams she will be expected to take, but not be prepared for, at her new school. At least I hope there’s no end of year exam for first graders. I don’t think Superintendent Bennett was around long enough to screw things up that bad.

Also, If we were to drive her to school from our new house, the little kids and I would be in the car for two hours each day just driving back and forth across the city. Plus, there’s five months left in the school year, it’s not like it would just be a couple of weeks to get through the rest of the year.

Seems like an easy decision right? Well here’s the other side of things.

She loves her school.

She loves her teacher.

She loves her principal.

She loves her friends.

Neither my wife nor I think our daughter should have much of a say in this one. We’re not too big on making family decisions based on the opinions of a six-year-old.

So, here’s the million dollar question, “Does it make more sense to start at her new school as soon as possible? It will be a new school with new faces eventually, might was well be sooner rather than later. Right?”

Have you been in a situation similar to this before? What did you do?

If you were in this situation, what would you do?

We’ve pretty much made our decision, but I’m still curious what all of you have to say about this.


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