New Year’s Eve Has Come Full Circle

Early 80’s- One of my first New Year’s Eve memories was all about the food. I was with my grandma and grandpa in Hindsboro, IL, population 400. We stayed up late eating pint after pint of Rocky Road ice cream watching the ball drop in Times Square on TV. Midnight in NYC, 11pm Central Time, but I never knew the difference.

Late 80’s- Spent New Year’s Eve with a few friends, drank a lot of soda (although I think we called it pop) and barely stayed up till midnight.

Mid 90’s- Carbondale. Bar entry age 19. Out with lots of people. drinking, closing down the bars at three am. Totally useless on New Year’s Day.

1999. Y2K panic on the horizon. My favorite part of this New Year’s was the Y2K kit I made in preparation for disaster. My roommates thought my kit was hilarious especially since I had been snacking on the provisions in the weeks leading up to New Year’s so it was almost empty anyway.

Early 2000’s- Spent New Year’s Eve with a few friends, a couple of beers and barely stayed up till midnight.

Mid 2000’s- New Year’s Eve with a new baby. No more staying up late, because the baby will be up a couple of times overnight and bright and early New Year’s Day.

Today- New Year’s Eve has come full circle, once again it’s all about the food. Getting ready to smoke some chickens, grill some veg. and maybe enjoy a pint just like I did thirty years ago today. This time around instead of Rocky Road I’m thinking Guinness or Sun King.


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