Newport Aquarium: New Baby Animals in Hatchling Harbor

There may not be any sharks in the Ohio River but steps away at the Newport Aquarium, thousands of species of sharks, turtles, frogs, stingrays, penguins and fish wait to show off their fancy gills!

newport aquarium

Open now, Newport Aquarium brings the new Hatchling Harbor to a 25 foot-long habitat featuring baby Needlefish, Spadefish, Butterflyfish and more!

With the new Hatchling Harbor exhibit being home to so many young animals, guests will find a new experience every day watching them change their shape, color and markings as they grow into adulthood and ultimately head further out to sea.

The new vibrantly colored exhibit stands beside the aquarium’s other award-winning features like Seahorses: Unbridled Fun, Gator Alley, Penguin Palooza, Stingray Hideaway, Shark Central and more.

Needlefish in the new Hatchling Harbor Exhibit at Newport Aquarium

With more hands-on experiences than ever, children can dip their hands into the water of many smaller aquariums throughout. With two fingers, touch the wings of a ray, the tentacles of a sea anemone, let little shrimp clean under your nails and pet the back of a California Horn Shark in Shark Central.

newport aquarium
California Horn Shark

Make a pit stop in the aquarium’s Sharky’s Cafe where children can indulge in Skyline, burgers, wraps, sweet treats and coffee for parents! Bring your coin purse, it’s hard to pass up the many penny-pressing stations with special aquarium species. Before heading out, a trip to the nautical gift shop is a must with everything from plushy mermaids to shark teeth necklaces (you know– the kind we had when we were kids!).

newport aquarium

Children under 12 can climb their way through Splash and Bubble’s play climber in the Frog Bog just past Hatchling Harbor! The bog is conveniently located about halfway through the aquarium so kids can burn off some extra energy before finishing the exhibits. With a brand new Seahorse Creation station and Splash and Bubbles art area complete with iPads and digitally-immersive coloring pages, it’s the perfect place to take a few minutes to recharge.

shark bridge

A visit to the Newport Aquarium is not complete without a thrilling walk over the famous 75 foot Shark Bridge. Not for the faint-hearted, the Shark Bridge takes you over the largest tank in the aquarium full of over 300 fish species. Not a fan of sharks or heights? Skip the bridge and wait for your family on the other side.

Newport Aquarium is located at 1 Aquarium Way Newport, KY 41071.

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