Ninja Martial Arts for the Whole Family

Martial arts are known for the benefits they bring to students. And among martial arts, the historical ninja of Japan – known for their mastery of physical skills and strategies – have today become a symbol of excellence. 

That excellence – the ability to excel in any situation – is the goal for both individual students and whole families at Cincinnati Quest Martial Arts. Through age-appropriate self-defense and personal empowerment training, taught in a positive environment, students learn tools to get home happy, healthy and safe. Those same tools, rooted in ancient ninja and samurai skills, are also designed to be sure families succeed in today’s world no matter how they define success.

Kids and Adults become Safer –

Students learn to deal with difficult situations from accidental harm, to bullies, to more direct conflict. A combination of physical & verbal skills, focus, and the empowered understanding that you are worth protecting makes the program really work.

Kids and Adults become Healthier –

Getting physical exercise, no matter your age or body shape is essential for good health. Classes are a fun way to get exercise, reduce stress and learn important skills all at the same time.

Kids and Adults become Happier –

Doing something together as a family can help build and maintain important bonds in families – even with teens! And classes teach not only physical skills, but how to win from the inside out, starting with our attitudes about ourselves and the daily challenges we face.

Unleash Your Potential at Cincinnati Quest Martial Arts!

Contact them at 513-671-0239 or visit to learn more about the programs offered and how to get started today. 

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