No One Teaches Us How To Be A Parent

Remember, your child has never had a parent.  So pat yourself on the back, you are doing a great job!

Advice to you though – get educated.  Know what your child should be able to do and when and ensure you are presenting those challenges ahead of when the skill should be mastered.

For example, a 3 year old should know how to ride a tricycle by the age of 3.  So buy the trike prior to their 3rd birthday to give them time to master this skills.

Do not skip stages.  Let your child master riding a tricycle before riding a 2 wheeler.  Each developmental skill builds on the other for a reason.  Allow your child to gain strength and coordination in the right order so as to be successful with each sequential skill they learn.

Did you know that Tummy Time is a precursor to handwriting?  Spending time on your tummy as a baby develops head and neck control as well as shoulder strength.  Pushing up onto straight arms, weight shifting and reaching while on the stomach develops strength in the hands, elbows and shoulder.   Also, the weight into the palms of the hand prepares the hands for crawling.  Next a toddler throws a large ball (2 hands) and then a smaller ball (1 hand) and now the hand muscles are ready for crayons/pencils.

It is crazy how child development builds one skill on the other.

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Is your child at their developmental age level?

Try this FREE Interactive Screening Tool for ages 1-6 years old to ensure your child is mastering the skills at their age level and prepare to ensure they are beginning to try the skills at the next age level:

Child Development Screening Tool – ABC Pediatric Therapy

You will be emailed Tips and Tricks for any skill your child is not yet doing so you can challenge them at home.

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Continue to educate yourself as a parent.  Here is a great website loaded with information to get you started and answer many questions.

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