No Such Thing as Overpacking

In a few days we are heading out on a road trip to Florida where we are renting a house with some friends of ours (another family of five). Since we are driving, and we have one of those gigantic torpedoes on top of our van for extra storage, there’s almost no limit to the amount of stuff we can take with us. But, as I look at the list of things we’re planning to take on our trip, I think we may be taking this whole unlimited storage thing as a challenge.

I thought I would give you a little inside look at just a few of the “necessities” we are taking with us on our trip.

Twenty pounds of charcoal. The house we’re renting has a Big Green Egg grill. We have a Big Green Egg at home. There’s a certain type of charcoal we use at home, therefore we “need” to take the identical charcoal with us. Makes sense, right?

Coffee. I love our coffee at home. I love it more than any other coffee I’ve ever had before. Whatever coffee they have at the rental house, it would be a disappointment compared to what we have at home. Coffee, you going with us.

Beer, wine and a corkscrew- Six kids under one roof, no further explanation needed.

Approximately fifteen swimsuits. Even though the water may not be warm enough to get our suits wet, we will still have three suits each, minimum.

Water- 48 bottles to be exact. Why? No idea. Is Florida water non-potable?

Pizza making ingredients. We take our pizza making very seriously. For the trip, we’ve packed our pizza peel, pizza pan, kitchen knife, yeast, sauce, corn meal, garlic press and flour.

1000 piece puzzle- My wife and I have been together for over ten years, and unless you count helping our kids with their ten-piece wooden puzzles, we have never, not even once, put together a puzzle. Will we start now? Doubtful.

Hopefully after we pack all this stuff in the van we will still have room for things like clothes, toiletries and beach stuff. If not, at least I’ll have plenty of water, beer, coffee while I complete my 1000 piece puzzle wearing one of my three swimsuits.

Happy Parenting!


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