November Ages and Stages

Join Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for their Nov. 17 Ages & Stages: Teen Depression: why it’s more common than you think. Get real-life tips for helping kids cope.

Peer pressure, academic expectations and changing bodies can bring a lot of ups and downs for teens. But for some teens, the lows are more than just temporary feelings.

Experts say teen depression is on the rise and it’s a serious mental health problem. So how seriously should a parent approach this problem? Counseling? Less screen time?

Discover the common yet shocking triggers that increase depression. Importantly, we’ll focus on what parents can do to help. How to recognize the risk factors, signs and symptoms of depression and then how to know when it’s time to get medical help. Cathy Strunk, MSN, RN has helping parents and teens for more than a decade as the director of “Surviving the Teens Program at Cincinnati Children’s. She’ll join us for Cincinnati Children’s Ages & Stages workshop on Saturday, November 17th from 9am-10:30am at the Liberty Campus, 7777 Yankee Road, Liberty Township 45044.

Child Care and breakfast are provided. A $25 gift card for Liberty Center will be raffled off for those who register in advance. Go to

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