Now You Can Have Great Violin Lessons in Your Home

Cincinnati Strings now offers violin, viola and cello lessons in your home, fitting lessons into your life without sacrificing on the highest quality teaching. Experienced teachers come to you once a week to provide individualized instruction based on your child’s unique needs and goals. Lessons in the home provide a comfortable and relaxed environment conducive to optimal learning and allow your child to excel without missing a beat. With experienced teachers, frequent recitals, group classes, instrument maintenance, and learning materials inclusive, Cincinnati Strings brings the complete music academy experience directly to your doorstep.

Cincinnati Strings instructors are certified in a variety of pedagogical methods and work with you to decide what is best for your child’s progress. Many families choose the Suzuki method, known for teaching very young children in the same manner they learned their first language. Suzuki students also participate in twice monthly group classes, which cultivate a sense of community, camaraderie, and provide an excellent opportunity to play music with others.

Visit today to view short introductory videos about the program and the Suzuki method, and spend more time making music and less time running around town!

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