One Bad Decision After Another

Yesterday was basically just a series of bad decisions… one right after another.

First there was the festival we wanted to go to. Instead of going when it was cool in the low 70s in the morning we waited until the afternoon when it was in the mid 80s.

Second, I thought it made sense to park at our friend’s house and walk to the festival instead of paying $5 to park there (reoccurring blog theme, I’m cheap). The walk seemed shorter in my mind. It ended up being a mile and a half, each way.

We all left the house hungry.

The bottles of water we took were warm.

We forgot sunscreen.

The kids were still tired from being up way too late at a neighbor’s house the night before.

After the kids ate, we let them get dessert, which our youngest daughter put in her hair and our oldest daughter spilled it down her leg and into her shoe.

We ate there, but not enough food to be full, so when we finally did get back home we still needed to cook dinner, even though that’s the last thing either one of us wanted to do.

So there you have it. How to turn a few hours on a perfectly good Saturday into a hot, complaining, sticky, grouchy mess.


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