Parenting While Under the Weather

The last several days have been interesting. There was an awful illness making its way around our house all week. The illness weaved it’s way back and forth until it hit us all. I’ll spare you the details. There was lots of getting up at night, we were all suffering from a lack of sleep. My wife and I had been sleeping on kids’ floors. Sleeping on couches to get sleep, and take turns away from the madness. Our washing machine worked overtime. It was gross. We were down and out. Let’s just leave it at that.

Eight days after it began, when we were starting to see light at the end of the recovery tunnel, my wife and I were looking back at the weekend when she said something that caught me by surprise.

“I think the kids had the best weekend ever.”

Huh? Was she on some type of medication that was making her delusional? Had she not just lived through the same weekend that I did?

But then I started to look back…

What did we feed the kids? Carbs. Veggie straws. Pretzels. Plain pasta. Peanut butter sandwiches. Tortillas. Stuff that our kids love.

What did they drink? Pedialyte. Some Gatorade. Fruity tasting drinks that are usually only available when we go to restaurants.

What did we do in the evenings? We had family movie night on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Family movie night is currently our kids’ favorite thing on the planet.

What did we do during the day? Played a couple of games with them. We let them spend much more time than usual on the Kindle and iPad. Basically, we let them do whatever the hell they wanted all weekend.

We didn’t leave the house. We didn’t drag them anywhere we wanted to go. We were just a couple of lazy parents spending most of our time sitting on our couches, apparently begin the best parents ever.

Who knew great parenting could be so easy?


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