Parky’s Farm Halloween Nights

There are countless options for daytime Halloween fun in Cincinnati, but if you have little ones and are looking for a festive activity in the evening, your options are pretty limited. It probably wouldn’t be pretty if we decided to take our 4-year-old and 3-year-old to a haunted house, boat, or cornfield and since all of the zombies and monsters tend to come out when it gets dark, we’re often left out of the excitement. But guess what? 

Parky’s Farm Halloween Nights offers not-spooky, family-friendly Halloween fun – and we were lucky enough to check it out last weekend!

For Parky’s Farm Halloween Nights, which is running now through October 29th, the farm has been transformed into a not-so-scary Halloween festival complete with colorful lights, music, activities and an awesome hayride.

Parky’s Farm is one of our favorite spots to visit in Cincinnati. Whenever we visit Parky’s, our kids always head straight for the playground first and this time they also spent a good amount of time bouncing in the bounce houses, set up right next to it. Our daughter’s favorite activity was next as we checked out the “Hardly Haunted House.” The picnic shelter has been decorated with Halloween decorations (nothing too scary) and inside is a mysterious “Mirror, Mirror.” I have to admit, I about jumped out of my skin when the Mirror said, “Hello, there!” and then began to interact with our kids. At the end of the conversation, it magically gave the kids candy, which absolutely amazed our 3-year-old!

There are plenty of other activities to enjoy during your visit. Other favorites included the Fun Slide, the carnival Under the Sea fun house, mini golf, and pony rides (the pony rides do cost extra, FYI). We also paid a visit to Madame Clairvoyant, who just happened to predict what the kids will be for Halloween. But the highlight of the event has to be the hayride. Parky’s always has one of the best hayrides in the area as it goes into the woods and around the perimeter of the farm. But for Halloween Nights, the trail includes several themed lights, which make the ride that much more fun.

Parky’s Farm Halloween Nights takes place Thursday-Sunday evenings through October 29th from 5:30-9:30 pm. It’s a festive way to spend an evening together as a family and there are activities that are great for all ages. You can rest assured that you won’t have a frightened toddler, but your school-aged child will still enjoy the excitement. Parky’s Farm knows how to throw a good party and Halloween Nights is the kid-friendly gathering of the season! For more information, check out the event’s website here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 6.33.50 PMAbout Andrea:

A native Cincinnatian, Andrea has experienced life in all four corners of this city. After growing up on the west side, she headed north to attend Miami University, then moved east to Hyde Park and now lives in Northern Kentucky with her family.

When she’s not playing trains and doing the “hot dog dance” as a stay-at-home mom to her two toddlers, Andrea is busy writing for Cincinnati (and, ahem, Kentucky!) publications and brainstorming ideas for her next children’s book! With a newfound passion for fitness and overall health, she spends a lot of time at her family gym and loves to play outside.

Andrea worked in education for several years and has a special love for children’s literature. She loves showing her children all our city has to offer and enjoys sharing her finds with other parents. Her favorite spots include the Cincinnati Zoo (although she steers clear of the bird house), her local library and any playground.

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