Preserving Vacation Memories

So last week I posted about making a summer to-do list; this week it’s time to think about how to preserve the memories of all the great things you’ve planned for the summer!

Beyond the photos and videos, I also collect sand from all the places I visit. (Now, I’m into triple digits!)

I joke with family and friends that I’m cheap and easy to buy for, just grab some dirt from your next trip! Two samples which always raise eyebrows: the bottle of water (from the Athabasca Glacier in Alberta, Canada) and the empty bottle from the Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii. I don’t consider myself to be superstitious, but after reading some letters from visitors that took lava rock home and the awful luck that found them, I decided to demonstrate some unusual restraint in lining my pockets. My husband lives secretly in fear that we’ll be arrested going through airport security with my finds and my father says that there’s no predicting the explosion that will occur at my home if the bottles fall from the wall and the worldly contents mix.

What are some other ideas for preserving your memories?

– Buy an ornament from each locale that goes on the Christmas tree each year.

– Create a journal or scrapbook.

– Mail a postcard home that captures how you felt and what you were doing during your trip.

– Collect something small, such as pins or magnets.

– Hang a national or world map on the wall and put pins in all the places you’ve been.

– Beyond sightseeing, don’t forget to capture the sounds of where you’re at, especially if you happen to be near nature and some unusual creatures, such as tropical birds or tree frogs. There are many sound recording apps available for smart phones.

– “Interview” your kids and get their unique perspectives on what is special and memorable to them.

Enjoy your travels, and the memories that will follow!

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