Primatica Science of Color at Krohn Conservatory

Explore bright sights and sounds at Krohn's 2022 Prismatica show

The Science of Color Prismatica show has made its way to Cincinnati for the first time ever on its traveling world tour! Through October 16, 2022, Krohn Conservatory visitors can give the giant prisms a spin, check out how bees see in ultra violet and use giant flower pots on wheels to create a floral kaleidoscope.


25 pivoting prisms are placed throughout the entire conservatory, projecting colors at all different light angles. Great sensory for the kids, little ones can give the Prismatica prisms a strong spin, listen to the inner chimes and watch colors float around them.
The conservatory has been a Cincinnati treasure since the art-deco era of 1933. Created largely around the Palm House’s 20 foot waterfall and Sago Palms, Krohn is now home to over 3,500 worldly plants. Over the years, new exhibits and wings of the conservatory have been added with the most recent expansion of the Orchid House in 2004.

Science of Color: Prismatica

Prismatica is well placed in the floral show room, Palm House and Bonsai room. With plenty of space and room to move around, the many prisms give every kid a chance to explore the science of color. In the show room, interactive activities like the floral kaleidoscopes and bee-sight simulators teach the kids about ultra violet color transmission.

Annual Krohn Shows

After Prismatica lights it’s way through Cincinnati, the annual 1934 Holiday train display chugs its way into the conservatory. A holiday tradition, the horticulture trek through miniature trains, wooden iconic Cincinnati buildings, hundreds of poinsettias and the famous large tree decorated with naturally-made ornaments.

Friends of Krohn

Friends of Krohn receive free admission to the annuals shows at the conservatory including The Science of Color: Prismatica. Consider a yearly, family Friends of Krohn pass during your next visit!
Prismatica is open daily from 10a-8p.
Adults $10
Youth $7
Under 4 Free

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