Fall Back in Time at Krohn Conservatory

Krohn Fall Show IGWhen I told my kids we were heading to the fall flower show at Krohn Conservatory, they were thrilled! My son remembered the butterfly chair and the waterfall and my two year old daughter pointed to her nose… she was ready to smell all of the beautiful flowers!

As we walked into the main show space, all three of us stopped to take in the transformation. My young children definitely remembered it being filled with yellow and beehives during their last show, and they loved that it looked totally different.

The Fall Floral Show, “Fall Back in Time,” showcases the Victorian years in England and its era of formal gardens. Of course my toddlers knew nothing of this, but I found it intriguing. Krohn even shares that this was– “a time when flowers held special meaning and were sometimes used to portray secret messages.”

Krohn Fall Collage

This statement made a lot of sense to me, as the space definitely made me think of the book/movie, The Secret Garden. It is one of my favorites from childhood and if your child is into that story, he/she will love this space.

Secret Garden

After spending some time wandering through the new show, we had to check out the waterfall and cave. My son made the loop around the waterfall about fifty times while my daughter and I checked out the plants and fish. The thing I love most about Krohn is the calm and peace it brings to even my active little ones. The sounds, smells and sights are so peaceful and made for a great break that afternoon.

When you visit Krohn Conservatory and their “Fall Back in Time” show, I recommend taking full advantage of the beautiful setting and cooler fall weather. Pack a lunch and eat in the butterfly garden.  Visit on a weekend and make a craft to take home – check out their site for more info, they have several fun ones! On October 15 from 1-3 p.m., the kids can wear their costumes and come celebrate “A Very GREEN Halloween!”

With the start of each new season, Krohn Conservatory transforms itself, making it a wonderful spot to revisit as a family.

Krohn Collage 1

Spend an afternoon and “Fall Back in Time” this season and celebrate the beauty that autumn — and Krohn Conservatory — always deliver. This seasonal show runs through Oct. 23.

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