RAPTOR, Inc. Bird Rescue and Rehabilitation

Once a month, March-November, the aviary-admirers of RAPTOR, Inc. open up their rescue and rehabilitation facility for local families and friends.

On the last Sunday from 1-4p, RAPTOR, Inc. educators excitedly await questions and enthusiasm from their guests of all ages. Grab your bird-loving kiddo and a few family friends to have an intimate look at locally rescued owls, turkey vultures, falcons and a bald-headed eagle.

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Open House Visits

The open houses at RAPTOR, Inc. are free with donations encouraged; it’s hard to resist supporting the passion behind the ambassador’s bird rehabilitation. Visits typically take an hour and include a walk through the outdoor birdhouses and exploring the inside barn full of educational displays. Guides are happy to share a variety of bird artifacts like owl pellets, wing clippings, egg weights and talons. You can even purchase your own owl pellets to dissect for $2!

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With an up-close look at raptor skin, it is clear our bird friends are likely products of dinosaur evolution. It is predicted towards the end of the prehistoric era, dinosaur raptors developed feathers to adapt and keep themselves warm. Your kiddos will enjoy feeling and examining the bodily tools used by raptors to survive.

RAPTOR provides educational experiences on-site, off-site and virtually for local schools, troops, groups and co-ops. Preschool book readings, pellet dissection labs, informational booths and behind-the-scenes tours are some of the great highlights of the initiatives offered. Programs at the facility have a reduced fee and encourage homeschool, scout and formal groups.

How You Can Help

How can your family help raptors in need? For proper conservation in Ohio, citizens are encouraged to work hand in hand with rescue groups like RAPTOR, Inc. Eliminating releasing helium balloons, picking up litter on roadways, taking down sports netting when not in use, following all game and trapping laws, and using organic weed killers to avoid bird poisoning.

If you find an injured or ill bird-of-prey, RAPTOR will dispatch voluntary help or walk you through how to transport. Do not offer food or water, prepare a box bed and always remember, safety first. RAPTOR accepts calls at any time at (513) 825-3325.

2023 Open House Dates

March 26, 2023

April 30, 2023

May 28, 2023 – Celebrating Memorial Day!

June 25, 2023

July 30, 2023

August 27, 2023

September 24, 2023 – Celebrating Great Outdoor Weekend!

October 29, 2023 – Celebrating Halloween!

November 26, 2023 – Celebrating Thanksgiving!

RAPTOR, Inc. is located at 961 Barg Salt Run Road, Milford, 45150

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