Being “Lazy” or Recharging?


Someone recently confided in me about an incident that troubled them. Making a long blog short, this person found out a family member had called them “lazy” behind their back.

Except, this person is the epitome of a hard worker, always doing for others. They just happen to take a day to relax and that’s when the family member saw them “being lazy”.

We all have things to do, places to be. As parents, as career men and women, as friends, as family members… think about all of your responsibilities.

What happens if you never allow yourself to be a bit lazy? To take a night to just watch some Netflix? To take a night to listen to some music with a glass of wine?

By definition, what would happen if you took a night to be unwilling to work or use energy?


Oh! Time for a fun analogy! When I wake up, my phone is fully charged at 100%. I use it all day, tons of apps, a couple games, oh yeah a phone call or two… the battery life decreases. If I didn’t allow my phone to recharge, it would stop working altogether. But by planning to charge the phone, to give it a while to be lazy, I know I can count on it when I take it off the charger to go go go again.

Each of your responsibilities are an “app” and your charger is you specifically taking a chance to not use energy. If you never let yourself recharge, it certainly will effect your mental and physical health. And how many of your responsibilities will be tended to when you reach that point?

I’d like to set this brief post up for a new challenge I’m about to embark on and share with you!

One of my favorite guilty pleasure shows is “Glee” and I’ve followed one of the actresses since the show’s finale, Lea Michele. She has released two books, her latest is “You First” – a starter for journaling, a way to write your goals on paper along with the steps you are taking to achieve them. I’ll be reviewing both of her books in upcoming posts, and journaling along with her starting October 1st.


If you’d like to join us on the #YouFirst adventure, find @msleamichele and myself @mrs_dublin on Twitter! And I’ll be sharing our progress along the way here as well!

I’m so excited to go on this journey to remind myself to recharge – and remember, never let anyone make you feel guilty for taking some much needed “lazy” time!

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