Red White & Boonshoft Summer Scavenger Hunt

This year, the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery is proud to present an exciting and fun summer scavenger hunt!



To participate, complete at least five of the challenges below and share each one on social media using #discoverydayton and tag @boonshoftmuseum.

The challenge will run from June 29th until July 4th, 2020.

If you don’t have a social media account and still want to participate please contact us at [email protected] and we can provide an alternate solution.

Participation is FREE! Simply click here to register and you’re in! The first 250 participants who register and complete the scavenger hunt will receive 2 free admission tickets. Anyone beyond the first 250 participants may participate and play for a prize of $5 off a purchase of $25 or more in our gift shop.

You must register here to be eligible for the prizes. Completion and verification of completed challenges will be reviewed by staff before admission tickets are awarded.

Below are the list of challenges and their locations. If you cannot get to the actual location, most challenges have an alternate option. Although you may complete both the main challenge and alternative option for fun, it will count as one completed challenge. Please select at least 4 of the numbered challenges to complete:

1. Riverscape/Downtown Flood Markers

  • Take a picture of yourself next to one of the flood markers or flood landmarks across downtown.
  • Alternate Option: Craft a boat using common household materials such as aluminum foil or paper and see if it floats. If it does, try adding a penny or two to the boat to see if it still floats? How many pennies can your boat hold? If you don’t have pennies, you can use other objects for weight, but make sure they are waterproof. Please share pictures of you making the boat, as well as testing it on the water.

DISCLAIMER: Do this experiment in a tub or pool at home. Please do not litter! Pictures on natural outside bodies of water will be disqualified.

2. SunWatch

  • Go to SunWatch and find the 7 signs between the parking lot and main building entrance. Each sign provides details of the archaeological history in this area. Take a picture of your favorite!
  • Alternate Option: Make a recipe using food that the native people may have found in their garden. Take a picture making the recipe and share.

3. Discovery Zoo

  • Visit Boonshoft Museum’s Discovery Zoo and take a picture (no flashes please!) with one of our animals! If you have a picture from a previous visit, you may share that as well!
  • Alternate Option: Craft a drawing or share three facts about one of the animals in Discovery Zoo (where in nature is the animal found, what does it eat, and a fun fact of your choice).

4. Metroparks

  • Take a picture of yourself in front of the trailhead or park sign of one of our Five Rivers Metroparks.

5. Woodland Cemetery

  • Find the Wright Brother’s grave markers. Take a picture or complete a grave rubbing. Bonus fun note! You can also take a picture of Dayton’s city skyline from the park at the top of Woodland.

6. Courthouse Square

  • Locate the old courthouse in Courthouse Square and take a picture in front of the building.
  • Alternate Option: Share some fun facts about our downtown Dayton courthouse, such as which presidents have visited the site.

7. Dayton Region’s Walk of Fame

  • Locate the Dayton Region’s Walk of Fame in the Wright-Dunbar Business District and take a picture next to your favorite Dayton celebrity on the walk of fame.
  • Alternate Option: Craft a monument to your favorite famous Daytonian

8. Favorite Place in Dayton

  • Share a picture of your favorite place in Dayton and tell us why that place is your favorite.

For more information visit their website here.

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