RTV6 Day at the Fair

With blue skies overhead, my mom and I brought all 3 kids out to the fair today. I was a little surprised neither of the big kids wanted to try out the “RTV6 Weather Experience” and record a weathercast in the green wall at the Channel 6 booth. “Are you sure you don’t want to try it?” I coaxed Clara.

“Mom, you already asked me! I don’t want to!” she insisted.

Go figure – the children of the TV anchor are camera shy. Tons of other kids got up and recorded adorable mini-weathercasts. My kids chomped on corn-dogs and watched from the sidelines.

It’s been a crazy busy week for Ian and I with Drum Corps International World Championships going on. He’s been working at the event, and I got pulled in to help host a cinecast of the competition last night to 550 movie theatres nationwide! (Not the least bit intimidating…) I cried uncle once I really grasped how busy our schedule was becoming, and thank goodness my mom was available to help with the kids for a few days. She is my hero!!

After about an hour at the RTV6 fair booth shaking hands, signing autographs, and chatting with fairgoers, the midway finally opened. I sent Cal, Clara, and a $20 bill with Grandma to try out the rides and games.

Daisy and I wandered the area. It was past naptime and while she wasn’t terribly fussy, she became surgically attached to her blankie. She carted it around the fairgrounds, walking even more awkwardly than normal because of its bulk. She toddled up to a pork tenderloin vendor with an interested look.

“Hey, little cutie, want something to eat?” the friendly vendor joked. She considered the offer, then clutched the blankie a little tighter, made a sudden turn and started on a new path toward the moving fair tram. Thank goodness for mom instincts and good reflexes.

Somehow in the commotion of grabbing her, rescuing the blankie from the ground and trying not to spill my water, I accidentally switched my camera to black and white. So now we have this “vintage” look from the fair.

Before we all left so I could get downtown to the newsroom, I helped Clara spend the last of the tickets by joining her on the ferris wheel.

“It’s like you can see the whole country up here…” she said in awe. We searched hard and spotted Calvin down on the ground, playing a dart game and winning a blue stuffed dog for his baby sister.

Leaving was hard. They wanted to stay longer. They wanted more rides. They wanted fresh drinks. Cal wanted French Fries. Clara wanted a tram ride. Daisy wanted to be in her crib at home.

I wanted a shower and a nap. And I’m pretty sure my mom did too.

It takes some stamina to “do” the fair. But I’m glad it worked out for us this year, even though our visit was short and sweet.

Just four more days until school starts.

Fair-well, summer….

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