Run, Jump-n-Play

Winter’s here, and there’s really nothing worse than cooped-up, stir-crazy kids. (Where does all their energy come from??) If you’re like me, you find yourself at a different playground each day during the warmer months — and the dramatic drop-off in outdoor activity during the winter results in lots of bad behavior, pent-up energy… and a super-messy house. 

So an indoor playground that’s truly an indoor playground? Just what the doctor ordered.

And Run, Jump-n-Play is just that – a massive indoor space with play structures, swing sets, trampolines and inflatables. Centrally located in Blue Ash (right off 1-71), Run, Jump-n-Play is the perfect indoor solution for kids who just want to run around at the playground!

Unlike other indoor playgrounds, the concept at Run, Jump-n-Play is simple: it’s basically a huge indoor playground. The space is open, defined by inflatables at one side (this space costs extra), a Toddler Zone in the back, American Eagle basketball court on the other side and Revolutionary Vuly Trampolines in the front. At the center are Rainbow swing sets of every size and shape, boasting swings, slides, monkey bars and rock walls.

With the ground covered in soft turf, you can rest easy letting your kids run wild. At 6, 5 and 3, my kids eagerly attacked each and every swing set, crawling through tunnels, sliding down tunnels and climbing all.the.things.

Harvey, my little monkey, swung and hung from every rope and bar he saw, giggling like a little maniac. It’s such a treat to see your kids having so much fun, just being kids!

My kids love a good playground, and Run, Jump-n-Play is basically 5 or 6 great playgrounds in one. There’s just so much for kids to do, and the setup makes it easy to keep an eye on multiple kids. (In fact, Run, Jump-n-Play is a popular party destination; my first grader has been to two recent parties at this facility!) If you’re looking to take your kids somewhere where they can literally run, jump and play this winter (without you shivering on a park bench), put this indoor playground on your list!

Run, Jump-n-Play is located at 5897 Pfeiffer Rd, Suite B, Cincinnati,OH 45242. Check their schedule for Open Play hours and prices.


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