There’s something I have been trying to do that isn’t any fun, takes tons of motivation, and rarely works. And I have discovered I have to work three times harder at it than I thought, because my precious little ones are determined to SABOTAGE this process!

I decided I was tired of squeezing into my jeans and watching the number on the scale creep slowly but surely upward. With a theatre audtion coming up, and a few friends getting into amazing shape to give me extra motivation, I made a promise to myself: I would drop 10 pounds, and get back to the weight where I feel best.

During one of the first weeks, Calvin offered me a bowl of Reese’s peanut butter cup ice cream. “No thanks, Cal,” I told him. “I’m trying to eat a little healthier.” “Come on, Mom,” he coaxed. “Just eat it! It’s SOOOOO good. And you’re not fat.”

I do love him for saying that. And I know – I am not fat. I am very careful to never criticize my body or size in front of my kids. But I think it’s okay for them to see me making healthier choices.

Working out is another battle. I have discovered some great aerobic and strength training videos On Demand through our cable system. Many nights I’m on my own with the kids while Ian is working, so I plead with Cal and Clara to keep little Daisy happy and occupied for just 20 minutes so I can get a quick workout done.

Rrrrright. Here’s how one memorable night went recently:

2 minutes into the video, I had to put it on pause: Clara needed help setting up her game.

10 minutes into the video, Daisy came creeping in and clung to my leg, which added some useful resistance at first, but got old quickly. I delivered her back to her slacking siblings and reminded them to PLEASE keep an eye on her.

15 minutes in, Clara came back in. “Daisy spilled milk ALL OVER the place!” The video went on pause again as I mopped up the epic mess.”

18 minutes in – I am not kidding – the kids interrupted to let me know that Daisy had crapped her pants. I had to stop to change the nasty diaper while wiping sweat out of my eyes.

Later that night, I decided to treat myself to a glass of red wine since I had worked so hard to burn off those extra calories. I was savoring my second sip, when Clara plopped down on the couch right next to me. The entire glass of wine spilled down my shirt.

It’s been a tough little battle. But guess what – I have dropped those 10 pounds. My jeans fit great. I’m getting pretty good at begging, borrowing and stealing my 20 minute workouts. I hold this up as proof: a mom on a mission is a force to be reckoned with, even if she has to go after her goals with a toddler on her hip, tempation in her face and a wine stain on her shirt. We are unstoppable!

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