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Having received her first pair of roller skates for Christmas, and quickly growing bored with skating in our house, our youngest was eager put them through the paces on a real rink. I was looking to help the girls burn off a little pent-up energy. With that in mind it seemed like the perfect time to check out Skatetown USA.

Our kids own skates, but for a modest fee you can rent roller skates and inline skates. Seating is ample and well lit, and there are numerous storage lockers so there’s no need – and no excuse – not to get your groove on! That is unless you’ve got the groove, but not the skating skills to strut your stuff. Fortunately, Skatetown USA also offers “Learn To Skate” sessions on Saturday mornings where, for a fee, you’ll receive two hours of skating instructions per week for five weeks. Register for two sessions and they’ll throw in a pair of free skates!

The rink is really clean and well maintained. I wasn’t at all worried about splintered or uneven flooring, which isn’t always the case at some rinks we’ve been to. Music was mostly current pop radio, family friendly, and likely to be familiar to both kids and parents. During our time there they kept the rink dark, with spinning, flashing lights. Your typical skating rink effects, but with the well lit seating area adjacent to the rink it never felt like we were in a dark basement or cave like some rinks do.

In addition to skating you’ll also find an assortment of ticket games like whack-a-mole and skee-ball (a Paasch family favorite) which you can redeem at the counter for small prizes. Skatetown USA also offers a small menu of food including skating rink staples like pizza, chips, and soft drinks. No outside food or drinks are permitted so be sure to plan accordingly.

Skatetown USA is great place and one that’s easy to recommend, particularly to families in the Butler County area. They check all the boxes on what you expect from a skating rink and they do so in a clean comfortable environment.

Located in West Chester, just north of the Tri-County mall, Skatetown USA is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as in the evening on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Skating sessions and times are found on their website.

About Jon:

Jonathon Karysn Paasch is husband to an intelligent, generous, and creative spouse, and father to two caring, smart, and funny girls.

A Cincinnati transplant, Jonathon and his family are avid weekend explorers, particularly drawn to the plethora of amazing outdoor activities available in the tri-state area.

With a passion for photography, Jonathon rarely misses an opportunity to document and share the Paasch family adventures.

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