Spring at Benken Garden Center

Signs of Spring for most are baby birds chirping, daffodils sprouting and afternoon rain showers. For us, we look out for Benken’s $1 Wave Petunia Pre-sale to know sunnier days are ahead.

With the adaptation of Covid-19 procedures, Benken Garden Center holds an annual presale of $1 Wave Petunias with drive-thru pickup! You heard that right, no dragging the kids out to wait in another long line… they bring the flowers to you and what a deal!

Sold in trays of 12, we’ve never been more pleased with flowers lasting all summer long with minimal effort. Benken’s Wave Petunias require full sun and will not perish if you forget to water them. Even after weeks without watering (we all know how crazy summer life gets!), these guys still perk up and last into October!

Include your kiddo in garden decision making to gear up for the month of April and Earth Day! There’s so much learning to be done and plenty of fine motor work with digging, prepping the roots and planting. Lessons on rainfall, propagation and gardening can easily be included for all ages.

With Earth Day on April 22, a few weeks after the $1 Wave Petunia sale pickup, add lessons on recycling and taking care of our planet. This is a fun opportunity to make a recycled planter with your child! We’ve recycled milk jugs into hanging planters… so simple and Earth friendly!

If you have a green thumb, Benken’s $1 Wave Petunia’s store nicely in a garage until you’re ready to use them. They’d make for a wonderful teacher or Mother’s Day gift.

If you’re ready for a Spring boost, head over to Benken’s website for the $1 Wave Petunia presale! Drive-thru order pickups run from March 29- April 1st from 10am-2pm. Pre-orders encouraged for guaranteed color of choice

Benken Garden Center is located at 6000 Plainfield Road. Petunia sale pick up is DRIVE THROUGH ONLY between the hours of 10AM-2PM.

Dates available for pick up are the following:
Tuesday, March 29
Wednesday, March 30
Thursday, March 31
Friday, April 1

Learn more here. 

For Petunia planting and care tips, Benken provides a great Blog forum to perfect your springtime planting!

image courtesy of Benken Garden Center



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