Spring Fever

Every year it seems like spring will never get here, and then suddenly the first daffodils bravely sprout their yellow heads, our brown lawns transform into the greenest carpet and the warm breeze carries the scent of flowering trees exploding with pink and purple buds. As Robin Williams said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'”
At Cincinnati Parent, we can’t wait to share all the fun this season brings. Why not start with a little road trip? Check out our suggestions for some great family fun in Camping, Caves and Culture – you’ll be surprised by how much there is to do so close to home.

Maybe the best way to recognize spring is by celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd. It’s so important for children to develop a relationship with nature so that they feel a vested interest in protecting our planet. Take a look at our Earth Day feature for some simple ideas on how your family can incorporate some cleaner, greener practices.
April 2nd is also World Autism Awareness Day – and it’s likely that you or your child know a family affected by autism. Unfortunately, kids on the autism spectrum can struggle with making meaningful friendships with their peers. Even our smallest efforts can have such a big impact – read Connecting with Kids on the Autism Spectrum for some advice on the best ways to reach out.

This time of year marks the beginning of many sports seasons as well. Have you seen “that parent” at your child’s games? The one whose enthusiasm has crossed the line into heated displays of anger at coaches, referees or even young players? Check out Bad Sports for a discussion on the pressure that so many youth athletes face today.

As always, we appreciate you picking up our latest issue. Please read it at a park, outdoor café, your front porch or anywhere else you can soak up the warmth and sunlight of a spring day!

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