Starting with a list…

Have you ever counted all of the steps you take during a typical day? And I don’t mean physical step tracking with your Fitbit. Each step you take (“…every move you make…” sorry, I like karaoke. You’ll learn that about me):

  • — Wake up and make the bed.
  • — Make coffee.
  • — Get the kiddos up.
  • — Let the dogs out.
  • — Wash hair today? Shower.
  • — Pack lunches.
  • — Feed dogs.

The list goes on and on. Whether you have kids, dogs, cats, birds, husbands, wives, houses, apartments, condos, jobs, committees, again, this is a forever un-ending list.

Seriously, map out your journey one day, even just one morning or evening.

Did you see “you” in that list? What out of all those things are for you?

I’ve struggled with this concept of “me” and have gradually learned that the person I am can get buried under my responsibilities and commitments.

Were you able to carve out some time to exercise? Awesome!

Did you get to read another chapter in your book today? Fantastic!

I want to share my experiences of being me with you and hopefully you will share yours with me. Whether you are balancing home-life and work-life, balancing time between your child(ren) and your spouse, maybe balancing quality time with each child, or just trying to balance being yourself and being a PTO board member (because those are two different personalities, trust me).


And in the spirit of sharing, here’s some info about me, your trusted resource on how to find balance blogger.

I met my husband 14 years ago while we both were working at Blockbuster Video (I know, you young kids reading may not remember having to drive to a store, walk aimlessly around the “Drama” or “Comedy” aisles to pick out a movie to watch…) but we met, became friends, began dating on New Years Eve (I’ll save that story for a throwback Thursday post). We were married in 2006 and have lived in Northern Kentucky almost our entire lives (again, our brief move out of the area will be a #tbt blog sometime).

We were blessed with Zackary in 2009 and he deserves his own dedicated blog for the amazing things he says and does. He’s sensitive but hysterical, competitive yet caring. He’s a cool guy and we are so very lucky.

The Loves of My Life
The Loves of My Life

We also have two fur babies: Coconut our 8-year-old Pomeranian who believes she is the center of the universe, and Zuzu our almost 2-year-old Australian Shepard/Short Hair Collie who is still very much a puppy and LOVES her sister Coconut (although the feeling is not mutual).

Along with my family, I also work full-time for a local company as a marketing manager. I also am in the process of losing the baby weight (hey, Zack is only 6-years-old, I’m not doing so bad…. 😉 so eating well and staying active is so very important to me. But so is catching up on Scandal and Breaking Bad (No spoliers!! I’m almost done!) I love my Netflix!

Can you see where I might struggle with balance? Where I might lose myself in “the every day”? Can you relate?

I truly look forward to sharing my experience with you.  Comment below, I’d love to have a community dialogue here. Don’t let me just speak at you, speak back.


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