Stress-Free Child Care at Skidaddles

Do you ever wish you could go to the grocery store by yourself? How about a solo doctor’s appointment? What about (gasp) a date night with your significant other?

Maybe you work from home, and have an unpredictable schedule that makes summer camps not very convenient. Perhaps your sitter cancelled last minute and you aren’t about to reschedule that dentist appointment that you booked six months ago.

Or maybe, just maybe, you simply need an afternoon away from your little monsters.

Life can be hectic and unpredictable, and child care should be a convenient and stress-free part of the equation. And with Skidaddles, it is.

Skidaddles is flexible, drop-in child care with two location in Greater Cincinnati (Mason and Florence). After registering and paying a one-time fee of $50, parents can literally drop their kids off anytime during Skidaddles’ hours — no reservations necessary.

Whether you need part- or full-time care, or even just a few hours each week or month, Skidaddles has lots of options. There’s before/after school care, which is helpful for working parents. There are flexible summer camp options, where you can choose the days/weeks that work best for you. There’s even the Honey Club, which is basically a guaranteed babysitter for your monthly date night! (Skidaddles is open until really late on weekends, so you can really enjoy a night on the town!)

Both the Mason and Florence locations follow a monthly calendar, with themes, enrichment activities and special events each week. This summer, Skidaddles is participating in Kids for a Cause — having the kids do different community outreach projects each week. Unlike other child care facilities, Skidaddles provides kids with lots of opportunities to learn and grow; its centers are staffed with highly trained teachers and experienced instructors. When you drop your kids off at Skidaddles, you can feel confident they’ll be getting the best care.

Skidaddles is divided by age group, so kids will be around their peers. (The toddler room has cots for nap time, which is a nice feature!) It’s basically part-school and part-playroom: you’ll find different areas and stations and tons of toys. There are lots of places for kids to get comfy and into the zone. The staff is very friendly, the facility is clean and cheerful and your kids will be busy and content.

They say it takes “a village” to raise kids, and that’s definitely true. Let Skidaddles be part of your village! This company’s high-quality drop-in childcare will make your life so much less stressful; and, as parents, we can all use a little of that.

Skidaddles Mason is located at 5939 Deerfield Blvd., Suite 104 (513-204-3482); Skidaddles Florence is at 8660 Bankers Street (859-647-7529). 

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