Hands-On Fun at Sunrock Farm

I once again had the opportunity to take my two young children to a place I fondly remember from childhood. Sunrock Farm is located in Wilder, KY — just ten minutes from downtown (and even closer to my house in NKY!) and is the definition of a hidden gem.

If your kids enjoy animals, they’ll love the hands-on fun at Sunrock Farm!


Sunrock Farm has been educating Cincinnati’s children since 1981. If you’ve driven south on 471, then you have probably seen the big sign on the right side of the highway — it’s right there! When you pull up, you’re greeted by barns, flowers and gravel pathways that lead to some lovable farm animals. Sunrock is run by several farmers who tend to the land, care for the animals and lead farm tours. They offer a variety of activities, including day camps, birthday parties and educational tours. We were lucky enough to join a tour on a summer morning and my animal lovers were pumped!

Sunrock Farm

Sunrock Farm prides itself on being educational and hands-on — and it is definitely both! We were able to collect eggs, hold a baby chick, feed a baby goat, brush a horse and feed adult goats. You get up close and personal with so many animals, and the farmers are great about teaching how the farm is run and how they care for the animals. I even learned quite a bit–  and my three year old is now fascinated by the different colors of eggs!


Sunrock Farm

The farm welcomes school groups, but it is also a great place for a family outing. Reservations are required, but just call the farm and speak to one of their friendly staff and they will help you out. We definitely plan to visit again in October for the Pumpkin Patch Tours, one of Sunrock’s most popular events. It’s easily a place you’ll want to visit again and again to check in on your favorite animals.

Sunrock Farm

Sunrock Farm is a Cincinnati treasure with heart. The legacy of “Farmer Frank” who ran the farm for many years is evident and those there are obviously passionate about farming, animals and teaching children and families the importance of this past time. Sunrock strongly believes that financial status should not limit a person’s access to a farm and its programs, so they have set up the non-profit, The Friends of Sunrock Farm. It’s a great mission and cause and over 75,000 children have benefited from it so far.

Sunrock Farm

Your family will love your time spent at Sunrock Farm. Visit their website for more info and follow them on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest happenings!

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