Synchronous Fireflies

If you enjoy planning ahead to see one-of-a-kind events like the recent eclipse, then mark your calendars for next May and June, when you can witness the Synchronous fireflies of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. They are the only species in America whose individuals can synchronize their flashing light patterns, which is part of their mating display. Peak flashing for synchronous fireflies in the park is normally within a two-week period in late May to mid-June.

But here’s the catch: This is a hugely popular event. If you go to the National Park Service’s website you can review this past summer’s dates and instructions to get a sense of what you have to do and when for next year. Most important, make a note in your calendar for April 2018 when they announce the dates of the event, shuttle operating period and vehicle lottery. Parking is extremely limited.

Good luck and maybe I’ll see you there!

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