Preparing Your Child for Sleep Away Camp 

The first time being away from home is a significant milestone for kids – and parents. Read on for tips on preparing your child for sleep away camp.

Preschool or Kindergarten?

Starting kindergarten is a big step for little kids – and it can be hard to know when your child is ready for this new challenge. Here are some helpful tips for determining whether your child is ready for kindergarten, or could benefit from another year of preschool.

Teen Makeup 101 at Sephora

The teenage years are full of milestones… high school, driving, dating and MAKEUP!!! When you decide it is time for your teen to experiment...

On chaperoning my first field trip

Last week, I had yet another major parenting milestone: I chaperoned my very first field trip. It was so much fun, and definitely something...


Julian starts Kindergarten today. I've been dreading it all summer. Actually, I've been dreading it for the last 5 years. Everyone always tells you how fast...

5 Ways to Ease Into a Back to School Routine

If your family is anything like mine, then the word “routine” has not been in your vocabulary for the last few months.  Sure, we’ve...

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