Take Your Kids on a Real Indoor Adventure

A Quick Note on Safety

Escape room? Small space packed with strangers? How could this be a safe choice right now? We know that safety and sanitation are more important to you now than they’ve ever been. So before we jump into anything about your adventure or the best team building experience available, here’s what The Escape Game is doing, for as long as necessary, to keep you safe so that all you have to think about is an epic experience.

At The Escape Game, safety is taken seriously. The entire space, including every clue in every game is sanitized, every time. To do this, each room is blasted with a sanitary mist from a machine loaded with medical-grade disinfectant. All games are currently private, so whoever you bring is who you play with. Also, checking-in can now be done entirely online. And when you come to play, you’ll receive a text when your game’s ready, then you’ll be greeted only by your Game Guide (standing six feet away and wearing a facemask).

The Escape Game goes the extra mile so that you can play confidently, with nothing on your mind but solving puzzles, bonding with your family, and making memories. Ok, now let’s get into all the other reasons you should check out The Escape Game.

When’s the last time you took your kids on a real adventure – better yet, an indoor adventure (as in safe, clean, and controlled)?

Whatever your answer is, it’s probably time for one, and The Escape Game is the perfect choice. (Full disclosure, this isn’t just for your kids and might actually be the best reason for you to get out of the house). The Escape Game is an unplugged, hands-on experience that’s fun for the whole family. I know that last part sounds like a theme park commercial, but this place really does specialize in making heroes out of ordinary people of all ages.

Picture it like stepping into a movie and you’re the hero(es). You begin your journey by meeting your “guide” (In this case, they are actually called Game Guides and they’re there to help you along the way). From there, you enter a world and a story, where you immediately assume the role of the protagonist. A brief video sets the scene and delivers your mission. Now is the time to team up and follow clues to accomplish your mission together! The clues and puzzles are designed to be engaging and rewarding for all different ages and abilities. There is actually a true story of a team of engineering grad students breezing through a game until ultimately getting stuck on a clue that’s been noticed by pre-schoolers on other teams. Seriously, all kinds of thinkers (no matter how young or inexperienced) can take on these challenges.

I know “fun for kids” might not be the first phrase that comes to mind when you think of an escape room. From the hardcore pioneers to Hollywood’s take on the industry, escape rooms have gotten a bad wrap in the public eye, or at least been somewhat misrepresented. Though some companies are famous (or infamous) for their intense themes, it can’t be overstated that The Escape Game is not like that. Their commitment to accessibility is paramount and there’s nothing violent or spooky about any of their themes. The stores are clean and the environments are safe and immersive. Oh, and if the games don’t win you over, the staff will. They’re the best in the biz, and there to help at a moment’s notice during your entire journey, from booking to escaping.

The Escape Game is the perfect activity for a family outing that both the kids and the parents (and grandparents) are sure to enjoy too. Your kids’ minds and senses will be engaged. You’ll have a blast. What more could you ask for? You don’t even have to take our word for it. The reviews speak for themselves.

Book your adventure at TheEscapeGame.com/Cincinnati and see what we’re talking about!

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