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Being a kid is hard. My oldest has always been outgoing and gregarious, but as he’s gotten older, I’ve noticed inklings of self-doubt and self-consciousness creeping in. It’s important to me that he find his tribe — accepting friends with similar interests who appreciate his artistic and creative spirit. And in Cincinnati, there’s no better place to foster that creative spark than The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati.

Two summers ago, Julian participated in Camp Redbank’s Got Talent, an Exposure Camp that invited campers on a week-long tour de force of the performing arts. His counselor was Mr. Kyle, an inspiring, fun and friendly local actor who honed Julian’s skills and boosted his confidence. When I heard Mr. Kyle would be returning for camp again, I checked our schedule and eagerly signed Julian up for ComicCosplay: Level Up, another Exposure Camp.

Comic Cosplay combined everything Julian loves — art, comics, creating and superheroes. Activities focused on Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, DC Comics and more. It was basically a dream come true for him.

During the week, the campers worked on creating a comic story and alter-ego for themselves, complete with hand-made props. At the end of the week, each student gave a final presentation with props, action and the encouragement of their peers. The kids did their routines individually, which made for a low-stress capstone to the week.

Julian was in a group of other 8-10 year olds interested in the arts, and found a real place for himself at this camp. Over the course of the week he came home excitedly talking about his superhero and bursting with ideas for creating drawings and stories. He really found a place for himself at camp, and the self-doubt he often faces at school was nowhere to be found. As a parent, it’s so wonderful and rewarding seeing your child’s confidence bloom.

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati is *the* place in Cincinnati for kids interested in the performing arts. I’m sure you know The Children’s Theatre for its outstanding shows — but TCT also has camps and classes year-round to encourage kids to embrace the arts.

TCT Summer Camp is accessible for kids of all levels and backgrounds; its camps are classified as “Exposure,” “Training” and “Professional,” with Exposure being a great, low-pressure place for kids to start. As its name suggests, Exposure Camp literally exposes kids to the performing arts, and are open and accessible for all Cincy kids.

Of course, TCT Summer Camp also has many elements of the classic summer camp experience: the kids did crafts, played games and learned funny jokes and songs. The counselors were absolutely awesome — in particular, Mr. Kyle, really encouraged Julian’s creativity and acted as a mentor for him. As a parent, this camp experience was really everything I could have hoped for – and more.

It may be February, but summer break is going to be here before you know it. TCT Summer Camp registration is open now, and there’s a great mix of camps for any interest and ability. I’ll be signing Julian up for another Exposure Camp this summer, and I know it will be a memorable and fun experience for my little performer.

For more information or to register for summer camp, visit The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s website.

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