TCT Summer Camps: Experience the Magic of Theater

“I’ve always said that there is magic in theater for anyone involved – whether that be as a show attendee or as a participant,” said Angelo Cerniglia, Education Director with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. 

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati will offer both Online and In-Person camps for ages 7-18 this summer, and spots are filling quickly!

Theater camps offer much more than instruction in the acting, singing and dancing; they offer valuable life skills that children will use well beyond the stage. “Theater allows a safe space to explore feelings and can provide an inside glimpse of behaviors and why people do the things they do.   Having a comfortable environment for students to participate and engage in theater related activities can lead to an increase in confidence, public speaking, and the soft skills necessary for daily interactions,” Cerniglia said. “Because of theater’s intrapersonal construct, theater instills a new level of empathy due to the detailed look of characters and how they play out a show and the choices they make when presented with obstacles.  Since all of this takes place in front of our eyes, we are easily able to see the full picture of this world and thus can truly see the perspective of every character – regardless of if they share the same beliefs/principles as you.  Theater is a link to our past, and a snapshot of life. I was told by a parent once that sports may build a team, but the arts build a family.”

For kids who have always wondered what it would be like to be part of a full, on stage production, TCT will be doing two productions of Moana Jr., and the virtual auditions close at 11:59pm on April 7.

“There has never been a better time to give musical theatre a try.  Due to the pandemic, everything we know about how to do theater has been changed to maintain safety protocols and guidelines. So, we are all in this together as we re-learn the process to mounting a show of this scale,” Cerniglia explained. “From the veteran performer to the new hopeful, everyone is on the same playing field when it comes to doing a show right now. Another great benefit to starting with this show is the chance to experience an entire theater process from beginning to end in a shorter time-period – this allows newcomers the opportunity to see the entire process in double time. The pieces of the show will come together in days rather than weeks and although this might seem daunting to some,  it should instead,  be viewed as a fast pass experience. All the fun without the wait! Besides, it’s going to be an absolute blast! I mean, what better way to spend a day than singing, dancing, and riding around on a boat?!”

For those who are not quite ready to return to the theater, there are several virtual options that are sure the keep kids engaged and entertained.

“Last Summer, we had to make quick decisions about our summer camps, and we decided we couldn’t just cancel everything.  So, we all got to work on how to make a virtual camp like no other,” Cerniglia said. “I’m happy to report that we enjoyed much success over our virtual experience last year and are ready to roll out another summer of virtual camps with a few new surprises!”

Every virtual camp is instructed by 2 TCT professional instructors that are with the students for the entirety of their camp. These teachers not only deliver instruction and coaching, but provide individual feedback to each student in their camp.  Each day comprises a mixture of live and filmed instruction and activities.  These activities range from theater games, arts and craft projects (we send out printable PDF craft templates for students to print at home to complete during the week), lessons in singing, dancing, acting, costuming, and so much more.  Each of these lessons scaffold from one day to the next culminating in a zoom review of their show.

“We know zoom fatigue is very real and battle this with transitioning to a new lesson/activity every 45 mins to keep students active and engaged,” Cerniglia added. “I know students are used to sitting passively at their computers after this school year and we are prepared to do everything in our power to make sure that this experience is exactly the opposite.”

Learn more about in-person and virtual camp offerings here. But, hurry! Spots are filling quickly!






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