Ten Worst Places to be with Kids

10. Exam room at the doctor’s office- Hard tile floor, small stool on wheels, a toddlers death trap. Physicians tools are readily available.

9. Auto repair shop- Small space. Everyone is staring at you. No one is talking. Too dirty to put your kids down. Nothing for kids to do.

8. Hotel room- Nothing is childproofed. No place to escape from a screaming child.

7. Waiting for a table at a restaurant- Usually standing up in a tight, crowed space. Everyone is hungry and angry (or as I like to say Hangry).

6. Airport- Hauling bags through the airport. Cramped plane ride.

5. At a party for grown ups- Nice, expensive decorations at toddler height. Furniture and house usually immaculate.

4. Movie theater- Hard to get in and out of aisles. Shhh, quiet. Much easier and cheaper to do movies at home.

3. On a road trip- Traffic. Kids need to potty, or are hungry, or bored.

2. A restaurant that is not for kids- Too hard to relax. Usually a quiet place. Nice table decor. No kid menus. No drink cups with lids. No high chairs.

1. Anywhere after 8p.m- My kids go to bed early, if they don’t they are a wreck. Nothing good ever happens after midnight may be appropriate for a teenager, but nothing good happens after 8p.m. would be more appropriate for my kids.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? What did I leave off the list?



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