The ABCs of Back to School


Arrange play dates with some of your child’s classmates prior to the start of the year. 

Begin a bedtime routine one week before school starts.  

Create a central calendar to calm the school-year chaos.  

Designate a landing zone near the front door where backpacks and lunchboxes are stored.  

Ease into the transition by practicing the morning routine before school begins. 

Familiarize yourself with the school staff (office personnel, principal, school nurse). 

Gather ads for back-to-school sales to save time and money. 

Have an emergency plan in place. Enlist friends and family who can help if need be. 

Inventory the clothes in your child’s closet and then create a shopping list. 

Just enjoy the moment. There are only so many back-to-school days in your child’s life.  

Keep your tone positive. Children can easily pick up on parental fears.  

Label everything from backpacks to school supplies to facilitate recovery of lost items.  

Meet the teachers. Breaking the ice helps ease first-day jitters. 

Notify the teacher of any specific concerns regarding your child. 

Organize a study space in your child’s room to help establish a homework routine. 

Pack lunches and pick out clothes the night before to avoid the morning rush.  

Quiz your child on the rules of the road and other safety strategies. 

Read stories with a back-to-school theme to get your child excited for the first day.   

Stock up on extra supplies while they are in stock and on sale.  

Take a first-day photo. You’ll be amazed how much your child will change over the year.   

Understand that set backs happen, no matter how much you prepare.  

Visit the classroom to familiarize your child with his new environment.  

Write notes of encouragement and hide them in your child’s lunch box or backpack.  

Xerox shot records and other important paperwork and store in a central location.

Yearly physicals ensure shot records are up-to-date.

Zero in on your child’s first-day concerns and discuss them openly. 

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