The Biggest Bounce House in the World is coming to the Midwest!

The Biggest Bounce House in the World is coming to the Midwest! Featuring 10,000 square feet of inflatable elation, Big Bounce America is the most memorable, exciting experience of the year.

This fall, Big Bounce America is visiting 29 states and 59 major cities. While not stopping in Cincinnati, the Biggest Bounce House in the World will be within driving distance two weekends in a row! Specifically, Big Bounce America will be coming to LVL UP Sports Paintball Park in Columbus September 7-9 and Waterman’s Family Farm in Indianapolis September 14-16.

The Big Bounce America is not your average bounce house. People of all ages are invited to get big-air on the basketball court, compete against one another on an obstacle course, and plummet from a giant slide into a massive ball pit outside the main structure. Bringing everything together, a professional DJ, located on a stage at the center of the bounce house, spins a carefully curated soundtrack with nightclub-quality sound, lights, and even blasts of confetti. The Big Bounce America is more than just a bounce house, it’s a bouncing festival for all ages; shoes off, party on!

The Big Bounce America | Tour Promo 2018 | Family Sessions from The Big Bounce America on Vimeo.

The sessions begin Friday afternoon, continue into the evening and throughout the weekend. Tickets are sold per session, with sessions split by age. Prices vary from $9 for anyone attending our Toddlers’ Session up to $25 for our special Adults’ Only Session. Entry to Bounce Village can be added to your ticket for an additional charge.

Jump sessions will be broken out into age groups:

  • Toddler Sessions are for children aged 3 and under accompanied by parents/carers.
  • Junior Sessions are slower paced sessions aimed mainly at kids aged 7 and under.
  • Bigger Kids Sessions can be a bit more boisterous and are aimed at kids 15 & under.
  • Adult Sessions are for anyone aged 16+. Anyone aged 15 or under will not be admitted.

Whether you are bouncing, coming down to watch the fun, or even grabbing a bite to eat from local food vendors, this event has something for everyone.


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