The Book Nook

We have a room in our house called the book nook. It is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house.

Because we live in a tri-level house there are all sorts of odd shaped spaces on each level, the book nook is one of these odd spaces. It’s about four feet wide, ten feet long, and only about four feet tall.

Why do I like this odd shaped room so much?

There are days I when I spend many, many hours chasing my two-year-old in and out of rooms, up and down the stairs all day long. Many days, when I can no longer keep up, I just crawl into the book nook, collapse onto a bean bag, pull one of the kid books off the shelf and read aloud. It only takes a few minutes for the Blonde Bomber to drop whatever forbidden object she was playing with (fire, knives, poison), come in, snuggle up with me and listen to the story. Usually her siblings aren’t too far behind either. They get to take turns choosing books and as long as they keep from fighting, shouting, crying, biting, or arguing, I’ll keep reading to them.

How about you? Is there a favorite place in your house where you like to hang out with your child?


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