The Butler County Donut Trail

There’s a lot of heavy stuff happening right now, and we could all use a little extra sweetness. (Preferably with maple glaze and coconut.)  

Comprised of a baker’s dozen of the area’s most beloved bakeries, the Butler County Donut Trail is the tastiest trip you’ll ever take.

To begin, review the map and collect your passport at the Butler County Visitor’s Bureau (8756 Union Centre Blvd, West Chester, OH 45069) or any participating Donut Trail shop. You can also download the passport at home.

Your mission: visit each of the 13 shops on the trail, enjoy all.the.delicious.donuts and get your passport completely stamped. Start early! Please be sure to check each shop’s website or Facebook page for current days and hours of operation while planning your trip — and keep in mind that bakeries generally open very early. Some donut shops are closed on Sundays and Mondays, and some shops will close for the day once they sell out, even if it’s before their scheduled closing time. 

Once the expedition has been conquered, return your stamped passport to the Butler County Visitors Bureau to be awarded your Donut Trail T-Shirt. The office is open Monday-Friday from 9 am-5 pm; if you complete the trail on the weekend, you can drop off your passport in the Donut Trail bin in the bureau lobby of the office, and they’ll ship your t-shirt directly to you!  (Once you’ve earned your sweet t-shirt, wear it proudly at these Butler County businesses — with a mask, of course — for special perks and discounts!)

NEW for 2020: The Butler County Donut Trail now has a partner savings pass program. Their Extra Sweet Savings Pass features over 30 local businesses including attractions, restaurants, spas, and hotels offering discounts to customers wearing their Donut Trail T-shirt. The digital pass is free and available at

Here’s a preview of the delicious treats you’ll get on the The Butler County Donut Trail:

1. Central Pastry Shop

Photo credit: Facebook/Central Pastry Shop

If you love glazed donuts, this hometown shop has an absolutely fantastic buttery glazed donut. The CPS “Ugly” (pictured) is a must-try, though we think this sticky-sweet treat is anything but ugly.

2. Holtman’s Donuts 

Photo credit: Yelp/Amanda R.

Holtman’s is a Cincinnati institution, and for good reason: their donuts are light-yet-satisfying, with their creative, Instagram-worthy concoctions just as delightful as the tried-and-true classics. This spring, Holtman’s added a vegan cake donut to the mix, and this menu newbie is just as perfectly sweet and light as the classic Holtman’s donuts Cincinnatians have been enjoying for nearly 60 years.


3. Jupiter Coffee and Donuts

Photo credit: Facebook/Jupiter Coffee and Donuts

This Fairfield favorite boasts delicious flavor blends that will be a welcome shock to your taste buds. Little superheroes will go gaga for the purple-glazed, green-cake Hulk donut, which literally looks like an other-worldly creation.

4. Kelly’s Bakery

Photo credit: Facebook/Kelly’s Bakery

This adorable bakery has the best and most creative selection of yeast donuts on the Donut Trail, as evidenced by the epic Chewbacca and StormTrooper donuts Kelly’s created for Star Wars Day.

5. Martin’s Donut Shop

Photo credit: Yelp/John N.

As you enter this delightfully bright-pink shop, your senses will be piqued with the aromas of good coffee and delicious treats. While their photo-perfect cream-filled Oreo donuts are a must for iPhone-gramming foodies, fans of a good, old-fashioned glazed twist will not be disappointed either.

6. Milton’s Donuts

Photo credit: Facebook/Milton’s Donuts

From their flavorful Blueberry Cake Donut to the delightful Apple Fritters, you can’t go wrong with Milton’s selection of donuts. This bakery also boasts itty, bitty, bite-sized donut holes, decadent cinnamon rolls and other delightful delicacies. There are so many amazing flavors to try; you’ll need to visit multiple times to try them all!

7. Mimi’s Donuts & Bakery

Photo credit: Facebook/Mimi’s Donuts & Bakery

Tucked away on a quiet road in Hamilton, Mimi’s Donuts & Bakery is a treasure trove of delicious donut delights. Their glazed donuts do not disappoint; and the buckeye-themed Peanut Butter Chocolate is downright sinful (in the best possible way!).

8. Oxford Doughnut Shoppe

Photo credit: Facebook/Oxford Doughnut Shoppe

This amazing college town donut shop is definitely worth the drive. These donuts are pillowy, super-sized and incredibly tasty. Channel your inner college kid by getting one of Oxford Doughnut’s famous cereal-covered creations!

9a & 9b. Ross Bakery

Photo credit: Facebook/Ross Bakery

With a long line of patrons and the phone ringing off the hook, you know this place must be good! Their glazed cake donut is reminiscent of the Little Debbie Donut Sticks you might remember from your childhood… but a million times better, of course! Ross Bakery has two locations on the Donut Trail: 1051 Eaton Avenue (9a) and 4421 Hamilton-Cleves Road (9b).

10. Stan The Donut Man

Photo credit: Yelp/Mamie L.

This is a quintessential neighborhood donut shop. Must-have donuts include their Old-Fashioned, Bowtie, and the famous “Davey Crocket,” a glazed cinnamon twist that’s absolute perfection. But you don’t have to choose just one; we recommend getting an assortment of everything.

11. The Donut Hole

Photo credit: Facebook/Milton’s Donuts

Inventive flavors and comfort classes make The Donut Hole (another shoppe c/o Milton’s Donuts – #6 on the list) a must-visit. The Donut Hole’s cereal-covered creations are a hit with kids — and their cheese danish are absolutely delightful.

12. The Donut Spot

Photo credit: Facebook/The Donut Spot

Friendly staff, outgoing regulars and delicious donuts are the unique elements of this charming shop. The seasonal Orange Glazed Cake Donut (tastes like a Froot Loop!) and the Cheesecake Donut are tiny pieces of Heaven on Earth. And for die-hard donut devotees, definitely opt for a cake-sized donut on your next birthday!

13. The Donut Dude

Photo credit: Facebook/The Donut Dude

Featuring specialty donuts like a Jalapeno-Cheddar Fritter and cereal-inspired flavors as well as traditional varieties, The Donut Dude has quickly become a popular stop, and is the most recent addition to the Trail. The Donut Dude just added vegan donuts to their menu, making this Donut Trail newbie a must-visit for Cincy herbivores!

2020 has been *a year* — enjoy some fun (and frosting!) this fall on The Butler County Donut Trail. 

Note: Most donut shops will close when they sell out. Please begin your trail early. For more information visit the Butler County Visitors Bureau.

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