The Dungeon at King Arthur’s Court

Calling all adventurous souls! Step into The Dungeon, a haven of excitement and exploration. Equipped with a wide array of toys and comfy seating, The Dungeon at King Arthur’s Court invites you to embark on thrilling escapades. Brace yourself for a zip line, an archery practice room, climbing toys, playhouses, and so much more! Open during regular business hours, it is FREE to discover the incredible adventures that await you and your family.

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True to its name, King Arthur’s Court boasts an Arthurian theme, with purple flags, castle-brick painted walls and a realistic-looking knight waiting to greet your kids in the entrance. All of these things set King Arthur’s Court apart from the pack.


Imagine finding solace amidst the clouds. Hang in the hanging Hugglepod! Nestled within its cozy cushions and shaded space, it offers a relaxing oasis away from all the action.

Ever dreamt of conquering Mount Everest but couldn’t find the time? Fear not, the Mountain climber has you covered! This towering peak stands at seven feet, equipped with handholds to assist you in scaling great heights. And don’t forget the middle cave, perfect for a well-deserved break along the way.

Feeling a little rusty in your Archery skills? The dedicated Archery course is your answer. Step into one of the Dungeon rooms and fine-tune your bow-wielding abilities. Take aim at a hand-painted dragon target (no dragons were harmed in the making, we promise!). It’s an epic challenge that will bring out your inner marksman.


Seeking a taste of airborne excitement? Look no further than the zip line! Imagine soaring through the air, pretending you’re escaping from a castle tower high above the courtyard. It’s a safe adrenaline rush like no other.

But wait, we haven’t forgotten about our incredible parents! King Arthurs understand the challenges of raising kiddos, so there is a special lounge in The Dungeon just for you. Take a well-deserved break, kick up your feet, and savor a cup of complimentary coffee. The comfortable couches and chairs provide the perfect respite as you rejuvenate and recharge while the kids burn off some energy.

King Arthur’s Court Toys is located at 3040 Madison Road in Oakley. The Dungeon at King Arthur’s Court is open daily during store hours, which can found here.

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