The Garden Center at Blooms & Berries

My kids love digging. They love getting dirty. They love being outside. So gardening is a natural fit for them. However, while I love being outside and appreciate other people’s gardens, I don’t exactly have a green thumb. So the whole idea of gardening makes me a little nervous… I wouldn’t know where to start!

Happily, Southwest Ohio Parents of all gardening abilities can start at the same place: Blooms & Berries. While this Loveland farm is known for its eponymous berries, its “blooms” can be found beginning each April at the Garden Center.

The Garden Center at Blooms & Berries is different from your typical garden center, as it’s truly a place for families.  While perusing the rows of picture-perfect plants, you’ll find simple garden projects, affordable supplies and lots of opportunities to make meaningful family moments.

The main attraction right now, though, is the Garden Center. And you shouldn’t be intimidated about taking your kids there — the staff at Blooms & Berries have really thought of families with the Garden Center.

In the Spring and Summer, the Garden Center has fun herbs and plants to create your very own pizza garden, butterfly garden and more. Then browse the Garden Center and look for markers designating which plants work best for your garden. And guess what? You can have your kids plant their container garden right there, at the Family Potting Bench.

The Family Potting Bench was my kids’ favorite activity at the Garden Center. At the bench, you’ll find everything you need to get set up. Pick up a planter (they come in kid-friendly plastic, beautiful clay pots in all sizes, or bring your own!), and use the shovels and potting soil provided.

It’s recommended to pick 2-3 plants for the kids’ speciality gardens, and the friendly staff at Blooms & Berries is there to answer any questions you or your kids have. (Truly – the staff here are all so kind and really make you feel welcome.) The Family Potting Bench will be open all season long and is definitely a fun family activity!

Gardening isn’t just about the physical act of planting – it’s so much more. It teaches patience and fosters a connection to nature, and the ability to nurture and support a thriving plant is so empowering. Gardening is an amazing activity for kids.

As always, a trip to Blooms & Berries isn’t just an outing or errand; it’s an experience. It’s good, old-fashioned, screen-free time with your kids, at one of Southwest Ohio’s most beautiful locations. As a family-run farm, Blooms & Berries is about as accessible and kid-friendly as it gets, and its magnificent Garden Center will get your family excited to garden together. The Blooms & Berries experience is something your family can take with you and continue all summer long!

Blooms & Berries Farm Market is located at 9669 S. St. Rt. 48, Loveland, Ohio 45140.

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