The Kinder Garden Schools Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary with Move to New Facility

The Kinder Garden Schools are celebrating 10 years in their West Chester school by opening a new facility in 2017.  The Kinder Garden School in West Chester will be 10 years in November and will relocate in December.  The new facility is located at 8374 Princeton-Glendale Road in West Chester.

The Kinder Garden School is a family-owned early childhood education academy with its focus on the educational and social needs of its students. Tami Lanham and Suzi Lenhart, the mother-daughter team who opened the Blue Ash School in 2004, are both educators who saw a need for better education in the early childhood education field.   After the birth of Lanham’s first son, she asked Lenhart to join her in a search for quality childcare that would begin teaching the Ohio Board of Education Early Childhood Learning Standards in the formative years of her son’s life.  When the search was through and nothing met the standards of education they both knew so well, they opened their own school so they may better serve the community.  There began a superior form of child education, incorporating Ohio Board of Education’s Early Learning and Development Standards into the school-wide curriculum.

The schools embrace the philosophy of providing formative encouragement and knowledge with enlightenment as the unwavering mission.  With this in mind, children are encouraged to explore, touch and learn without fear, thus stimulating a lifelong love of learning and provides children with self-control, eye-hand coordination, logical and sequential thinking.  “We just believe in following the child,” says Suzi Lenhart, Music and Curriculum Director for the schools.  “We have seen an amazing evolution in our operations since we opened the Blue Ash School 10 years ago and the West Chester School 8 years ago.  We are so proud to meet the needs of our students and their families.  We let them take us wherever they want to go!”

The Kinder Garden School is particularly excited about the schoolage program they are offering in the fall of 2014.  They rolled out The KGS Academy in West Chester this spring.  Lenhart explains, “When we graduated our first class of kindergarteners, a parent came to me and said he would keep his child here forever if he could.  That made me think that maybe we should expand our school age program.”  Now, The KGS Academy  teaches first and second graders.  They plan to add a third grade curriculum to their charter this summer.

In addition to its rich curriculum, this beautiful facility also offers web-cams in every classroom which grant 24-7 access through their password-protected website.  The Kinder Garden School offers below state ratios and teaches children ages 6 weeks through kindergarten.  If you would like more information about programs and curricula, visit or call 513-874-3100 to set up a tour.

Kinder Garden School is devoted to growing a child’s wish to flourish and learn by cultivating curiosity and problem-solving proficiency in a fully supportive, fertile, fun setting.


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