The Peach Truck Southwest Ohio Tour

The Peach Truck tour rolled into Southwest Ohio with their first batch of farm fresh Georgia peaches.

By farm fresh we mean only 2 days off the tree! After a few days on the counter, these peaches will turn to sweet, ripe fruit just waiting to be made into a perfect cobbler.

Didn’t get your hands on this fruity tour? The Peach Truck will be back on July 16-21 in Southwest Ohio cities! This tour will cover locations from Menards in Sidney all the way down to Washington Park in Cincinnati.

Click here to pre-order your box.

As a Peach Truck novice, we didn’t know what to expect. We woke up to storms and flood warnings but the communication from the tour was superb, better than most! We received reminders of the tour a few days before and hourly text updates the morning of. Very detailed instructions and a social media team who answers all your questions are on the other side of the tour team! They make you feel like peach family.

The process is simple: hop in line with your QR code in exchange for your pre-order box(es). If you’re lucky, the truck will have extra boxes for purchase. It’s highly recommended to split a box with a friend or family member, as these 25-pound boxes can yield up to 90 peaches! The average box size is between 50-70, always totaling 25 pounds.


Race home to get the ripening process started! Spread out on a countertop or table, your peaches will need a squeeze every day for a few days to test their softness. Once tender, rinse and dig in! In the refrigerator, peaches will stay delicious for 3-4 weeks. Grab a few jars and freeze your peaches up to a year!

Lucky for us (and you!), we found a deliciously flavorful Peach Salsa recipe from Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen. We’ll go ahead and spoil the ending for you: it’s insanely fresh and just waiting for warm tortilla chips or as a pork chop/fish/grilled chicken topping!

Follow along with Melissa’s recipe here: 

Let the kiddos join in on dicing up the vegetables – great fine motor skills even for the little ones! It doesn’t need to look pretty as it all gets tossed into a food processor or blender. Recycle some old jars or grab a pack at your local grocer; this particular recipe gave us 2 and ¾ pint jars full of fruity fresh goodness!


What’s so special about these peaches is the small amount of time that passes from being picked off the tree and into your hands. While you wait for your favorite local farm to open up peach picking, pre-order your Peach Truck tour box to perfect your salsa, cobbler, galette, sorbet and jam recipes!



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