The Restaurant Diaper Change and the comments that followed.

A Texas mom made national headlines for a decision she made regarding changing her baby’s diaper at a restaurant. Here’s a brief summary of the story.

A mom and her kids were eating at a local pizza place when she needed to change her four-month-old’s diaper. She went into the restroom, noticed there were no changing tables, returned to her table, laid out a changing mat and changed her baby on a chair in the dining room.

The mom claims she changed her baby discreetly and quietly, while the restaurant said customers saw what she was doing and complained. The pizza place boxed up her food and asked her and her family to leave.

This is one of those topics where the story itself wasn’t nearly as interesting as the Facebook comments that followed. Here are a few of my favorites:

The comparing apples to oranges commenter…”If mom had needed to relieve herself, and the ladies room had been occupied, and she had squatted in the dining room and relieved herself, we would call it unacceptable behavior. Changing a child’s diaper in the dining area is essentially the same thing, wouldn’t you say? Not cool at all.”

The commenter with no kids…”Since when does having a child mean that adults can abandon all common sense? With some parents there is a sense of entitlement that’s completely off base. Gross. Bad manners on the parents part. And just plain stupid”

The Happy Hour promoter…”Fecal particles for everyone on Tuesday nights between 5-9 p.m.”

The “eye for an eye” commenter… “I think someone should take a dump on her table and then ask her if she still thinks it was a good idea.”

The commenter with some fuzzy logic…”I agree there is a time and place for everything. That’s why they don’t cook on the bathroom.”

The guy who still thinks it’s 1993- “You might be a redneck if you change a diaper in a restaurant.”

The commenter that goes off on a tangent…”I would rather see a baby’s diaper being changed than have to see people’s boobs & butts hanging out. As well as seeing pants hanging down around their knees & shorts that are so short the persons butt or lady parts are hanging out!!! Now that is gross”

The person that didn’t read the story…”Yes, its common decency to take your child to the bathroom when that happens. That’s why there are baby changing stations. Sounds like laziness to me.”

The problem solver…”My sister and I recently encountered a problem like this. The restaurant we were at did not have a changing table in the restroom and the baby HAD to be changed. It was a tourist town and where we had parked was several blocks from the restaurant and it was extremely hot out. Our solution: we asked the manager for permission and took 2 chairs into the bathroom to create our own changing table. A little inconvenient, but fairly simple solution. What this woman did was rude at best and unsanitary at worst.”

The commenter with the gross visual…”This same woman would complain if the grandma at the next table stood up and changed her depends.”

The commenter that’s hopefully being sarcastic…”That’s just a bad as blowing ur nose at the table or anywhere for that matter.”

If you care to share your two cents about this lady and her family , please do so in the COMMENTS section below.


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