The Stocking cap

This semester I started volunteer tutoring. I’ve been paired up with the same student for the past few weeks.

Last week we met up and he was wearing a stocking cap. I was trying to be nice and I told him I liked his cap (even though I secretly hated it because it was a Yankees cap). Complimenting the cap was a big mistake, for the rest of the time he tried to put his dirty Yankees cap on my head.

Why was I freaking out about this cap? I wasn’t completely sure, but then I had a flashback to when I was in the fourth grade. I was in PE class and we were supposed to play a game using a blindfold. There was a substitute teacher there that day and he couldn’t find the blindfold so he had a student get a stocking cap from his locker. Somehow I was the first one to wear it and after class head started to itch. In fact, my head is itching right now just thinking about it. I will never forget going home and telling my mom that I thought I had head lice. It was confirmed as we ran a comb through my hair and you could see those creepy little bugs barely moving on the counter. I had lice. The treatment wasn’t a big deal, a trip to the pharmacy for some expensive shampoo and that was about it, but the emotional scar that left on my tiny itchy scalp still stays with me to this day.

So if you need help learning your letter sounds, some basic math skills, or just a male mentor, I will be more than happy to help, but please, leave your stocking cap at home.


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