The Summer Bucket List/Advent-ure Calendar

Now is a great time to think about a summer bucket list — what you’d like to experience over the summer. We all know how fast summer flies by so setting a few intentions now will get the ball rolling!

Have some fun with it — after all, this is not your everyday to-do list of chores and tasks! If you don’t get it all in, no worries; there’s always next year. But, here’s a thought: What if you could? What if THIS summer could be THE summer that you truly do it all? It’s time to get that calendar out and make some plans!

Here’s a great summer to-do list that gets you thinking about fun. My favorite line… the last one: Enjoy being young… and living summer with young people.

And here’s a fun way to organize all of your fun… as popsicle sticks in a jar. If crossing off the to-dos in list form feels too much like the school year, then this is definitely a satisfying approach for summer!

The summer advent-ure calendar (image at right) serves to help you capture the fleeting days of summer by being part planner, part scrapbook!

You’ll need string or yarn, clothespins and stickers or numbered circles cut out of card stock. First, write numbers on card stock for all the dates of summer. Then glue the circles to the clothespins and clip the pins to a length of yarn or string.

Prior to an event, you can clip items that correspond to plans on any given date, such as tickets to an event or a brochure. As the days pass, you can also clip mementos from each day, such as a feather from a hike or a seed packet from your garden.

Not only will kids see that they have much to look forward to; when school starts again they’ll realize what a great summer they had!

If the previously mentioned projects involve too many Type A tasks, then preparing for summer might be as simple as this list we made a couple of years ago.

This summer our list is being replaced by one major focus: puppy! We just met our newest family member last weekend and he comes home in two weeks!

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