There are Dinosaurs at the Cincinnati Museum Center!

There are Dinosaurs at the Cincinnati Museum Center! The new Dinosaur Hall in the Cincinnati Museum Center’s Museum of Natural History & Science opened Nov. 17, and offers face-to-face encounters with dinosaurs you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

The Dinosaur Hall is the first new gallery to open in the Museum of Natural History & Science after the two-and-a-half-year restoration of Union Terminal. The Cincinnati Museum Center’s 7,000-square-foot exhibit features six massive dinosaur specimens ranging from the Jurassic Period to the Cretaceous Period, including five on display to the public for the first time.

If your kids are into the T. rex, they’ll love seeing the CMC’s Daspletosaurus, which is related to the ‘Rex  but much more rare. (In fact,  Daspletosaurus is one of fewer than a dozen specimens in the world.)

The largest dinosaur skeleton you’ll see is the 60-foot Galeamopus, a new kid on the dinosaur block. And the mighty Apatosaurus was some 90 feet long — kids will enjoy standing next to its 10-foot tall leg!

The new Dinosaur Gallery put Cincinnati on the map for cutting-edge research, as the rarity of the gallery’s dinosaurs makes them especially important for research. CMC’s paleontologists will study these specimens in the new Paleontology Lab, where visitors will be able to engage with paleontologists and volunteers working to learn more about these prehistoric creatures.

The interactive elements each provide a unique, prehistoric perspective: video microscopes put you in the paleontologist’s seat, footprints on the floor lets you walk in these animals’ footsteps and an interactive globe shows the evolution of the earth beginning 600 million years ago.

There’s also a really cool Jurassic Flight Virtual Reality Experience that gives you a unique perspective on a flying dinosaur’s vantage point. This experience is extra (just a few dollars/person) and geared toward older kids and adults 58 inches and higher.

You don’t have to be a paleontologist to enjoy the Dinosaur Gallery. The new exhibit epitomizes what the Cincinnati Museum Center does best, which is opening up the world in an exciting and accessible way.

Cincinnati Museum Center’s Dinosaur Hall is open daily. The Dinosaur Hall is free for members and included in regular admission.

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