To The Dads…

I just wanted to take a moment to say cheers and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

To the working dads, that leave early in the morning for work and return home late, exhausted, but still get down on the floor at night to play with their kids.

To the single dads, that do EVERYTHING for their child, and never get the chance to “tag out” to the other parent when taking care of kids gets too overwhelming/frustrating.

To the stay-at-home dads that chose kids over career. That chose not missing a minute of their child’s life over a profession.

To the dads with grown kids, that probably don’t get to see their kids as much as they’d like to. That spend time late at night wondering if they were the best dad they could be.

To the step-dads walking into an extremely difficult role. Many guys aren’t strong enough to do it, but you were.

To the fathers-in-law, you added a new member of your family through your child’s marriage. You make that person feel like a member of your own family.

To the soon to be dad, your wife’s pregnant, you’re scared to death…and that’s ok.

To those that “play the dad role” in the life of a child. You stepped in to fill a gap in the life of a child, this type of dad is needed as much as any other.

Finally, to my own dad, Happy Father’s Day dad. Love you…talk to you soon.


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