Top 10 Family Friendly Hiking Trails in Dayton

With the days warming up a bit more and Summer break just around the corner we are thrilled to share with you all of the many adventures you can have outdoors. Family hikes and walks are one of the best and easiest ways to get outside and explore. And our area is home to so many beautiful parks and trails.

Here are our top 10 family friendly hiking trails in Dayton. 

Bill Yeck Park

Our favorite is the Yellow Trail

Location: 2230 E Centerville Station Rd, Dayton, OH 45459

Length: 2.8 miles Time: 1 hr 8 mins

Bill Yeck Park is a 194-acre natural area along 1.75 miles of Sugar Creek. The park is treasured by hikers, bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. It harbors many rare species of plant life, providing a home to a variety of animals in every season. Fossils from the Ordovician period can be found in Sugar Creek which flows through the park. The park connects with other parks and wildlife areas creating a large corridor of green space that extends from St. Leonard Center to the Little Miami River. This unbroken wooded area makes the park’s wildlife abundant and varied.

Bill Yeck Park – Yellow Trail

Hills and Dales Metro Park

We love the Adirondack Trail

Location: 2655 S Patterson Blvd, Kettering, OH 45409 

Length: 2.1 miles Time: 1 hr

The 63-acre Hills & Dales Metro Park is filled with picturesque creeks, rolling hills, dense woods (including an outstanding example of Ohio natural forest), wildflowers and wetlands, all conveniently located just south of downtown Dayton.

Beavercreek Wildlife Area

The best is Siebenthaler Fen Boardwalk

Location: 1998 Fairground Rd #1952, Dayton, OH 45434

Length: 1.0 miles Time: 24 mins

Siebenthaler Fen Boardwalk is a beautiful one mile loop trail located near Dayton, Ohio that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels. It is also wheelchair accessible. The trail is primarily used for hiking, nature trips, and bird watching.

Siebenthaler Fen Boardwalk

Eastwood Park

We enjoy the Buckeye Trail

Location: 1385 Harshman Rd, Dayton, OH 45431

Length: 2.7 miles Time: 1 hr 6 mins

Buckeye Trail  is a 2.7 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located in Eastwood Park that features a gorgeous view of the river and is great for all skill levels. This trail is primarily used for walking, running, and nature trips.

Carriage Hill

A family favorite is the Yellow Trail

Location: 7800 Shull Rd, Huber Heights, OH 45424

Length: 1.8 miles Time: 46 mins

Once farmland and woodlots, more than 50 years of natural succession have created rich areas of forests, thickets, meadows and prairies to explore at Carriage Hill. Farm life in the 1880s comes alive at the historical farm, complete with period farm animals. There are also acres of peaceful beauty to enjoy on foot or horseback. The park has been a favorite place for families to spend quality time together for generations. 

Iron Horse Park

We love to ride bikes on the Iron Horse Trail

Location: 6161 Millshire Dr, Washington Township, OH 45459

Length: 5.3 miles Time: 2 hrs 8 mins

The Iron Horse Trail (open in two disconnected segments) utilizes approximately 2 miles of former Penn Central right-of-way, providing users a pleasant route through neighborhoods, as well as a link to Centerville’s Iron Horse Park and Kettering’s State Farm Park. In the north, the paved pathway connects to Dayton’s Creekside Trail, which itself leads to other trails feeding into the city’s vibrant downtown.

Iron Horse Trail

Taylorsville Metro Park 

The Yellow Trail is always fun

Location: 2000 US-40, Vandalia, OH 45377

Length: 1.8 miles Time: 51 mins

The area that is now Taylorsville Metro Park was once one of the busiest crossroads in the country, the meeting place of major transportation arteries — the Old National Road, Great Miami River, the Miami-Erie Canal and railroads. Today, the area serves as the crossroads of bike trails, hiking trails and river recreation. The park is a gateway to new outdoor experiences, such as running, biking, hiking, fishing and paddling. Your journey is waiting to begin.

Possum Creek Metro Park

Be sure to check out Possum Creek Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Purple Trail Loops

Location: 4790 Frytown Rd, Dayton, OH 45417

Length: 1.8 miles Time: 46 mins

Adults and children alike will love exploring the blend of nature, history and community at Possum Creek. Hike together in one of Ohio’s best examples of a tallgrass prairie. It’s hard to imagine that this home for butterflies and bluebirds was once degraded farmland. Argonne Lake’s open vistas of woodlands and wildlife provide the perfect setting for fishing for catfish, bass or trout. Youngsters will love visiting the farm to see the barnyard animals and learn about the food we eat. Camp overnight or picnic with family and friends. Discover remnants of the past along the Argonne Forest Trail. Come back often to enjoy the seasonal changes and make outdoor memories that will last a lifetime.

Englewood Metro Park

Get out and explore the White Trail Loop

Location: 4361 W National Rd, Dayton, OH 45414

Length: 1.2 miles Time:32 mins

The city of Englewood serves as the western boundary for a large portion of Englewood Metro Park. This nature-filled park, one of the largest in the region, has been part of the Englewood community for more than 50 years. 

Englewood Metro Park


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