Topgolf West Chester

Happy holidays! I hope you’re enjoying this special time of year with family and friends. Outside of the usual holiday festivities our family enjoys, there are two other things I love to do over the winter break: savor some serious downtime and try something new. For something new to do, we checked out the new Topgolf venue in West Chester this week.

To start, it’s a very cool place. Picture a three-story, open-air driving range with bays, not unlike a bowling alley. And before you think this is something better suited for your summer vacation and not your winter one, think again! There are giant overhead heating lamps throughout AND those cushy blue couches are actually heated!

Even if you’ve had zero or very little experience with golf, it’s still a fun thing to do. There are multiple nets out on the range that you aim for, with different point values based on distance and location to the hole, and games are scored for you so all you have to do is swing then sit back and relax. They also have great food and drinks, which you don’t always find at recreation spots like this. Hourly rates are per bay, up to six people per bay. Take the family early in the day ($25/hour until noon then $35/hour 12-5 pm) or make it an adult night out at night ($45/hour after 5 pm until close).

Check it out to improve your game, uncover a hidden talent, or just to get some fresh air and exercise!


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